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Twenty five years ago, in 1986, we, a few like-minded young men in Kottayam from different walks of life, students, lecturers, businessmen, doctors, bank officers etc, decided to come together, to experience the sheer joy of singing in harmony. Late Roshan P John was the inspiration behind this and "The Kottayam Men´s Voices" was born.

We were thirteen in number - twelve singers, under the directorship of Prof. Abraham C Mathew - when we began this ministry of music ; our motto being "Let us sing unto the Lord".

Encouraged by the accolades received, in 1988 we decided to conjoin women´s voices with ours and our group came to be known as "The Kottayam Mixed Voices". As members had to move out for higher education or enrichment of their career, new members were enrolld to share this bond of friendship through music.

Every year we hold Christmas and Easter recitals as our regular program at Kottayam.

We have brought out eight albums, and we hope they have inspired many a heart. "My Heart Sings" was the first.

The proceeds from the sale of the cassettes and CDs are, by and large, used to lend a helping hand to the needy.

As we stand at the threshold of the Silver Jubilee Year, we pray to the Almighty God that we may be allowed to go on with this ministry. We also request your prayers, blessings, and continued support in our onward journey.




Recital 2015

Kottayam Mixed Voices Christmas Recital 2015 to be held on December 6th at 6pm 06 Dec 2015

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